Pastor Karunakaran from Colombo Sri Lanka – He and his family have been working there for a few years without much increase of membership in the church.  They were all set to move to their home town and start a ministry there.  The WwF training and our interactions helped them change their plans.  As these small group leaders went out and shared the Gospel with others and helped people to make a commitment to Christ, they realized that the Lord can work wonders through people who are obedient to his call and commission.  The pastor himself shared the Gospel with a drunkard heading to another bar, using the Gospel outline as a tool. These developments encouraged the pastor and the family to change their mind. They now want to continue to work among the Sinhalese people in their area and trust the Lord to bring in more people to the church.  These incidents and many like these are a source of encouragement to us also to keep the training going in many places.

Believers like Mithu Rana from a church in Village Bijahi, Uttar Pradesh, India who wrote, “Last year I attended a workshop conducted by Equip India and received an Operation Andrew Card.  I wrote the names of 18 people to pray for on the card whom I was having land issues with. I prayed everyday for each of them and started talking and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. Slowly some of them started coming to my church. 

Now, by the Grace of God, all 18 of them are not having problems with me, received Christ and are taking baptism. As a result of having seen the Lord work through Equip India training, I am going for Bible training (B. Th) and want to be a full-time servant of the Lord.”

Evangelist C. V. John (attended Midgeshi workshop) “In 2009, I attended a WwF workshop conducted by Equip India and it became a turning point in my life and ministry.  Since then the members of three congregations that I have planted along with myself, have been presenting the Gospel to people in a number of nearby villages.  Over the last five years, we baptized and added 80 more members to the churches.  I continue to teach the members to be effective witnesses.  Presently our membership is 100.”

Pastor Pritam Masih from Hebron Tabernacle Church in Punjab, North India reported, “We conducted a workshop at our church where we learned how to share the Gospel with others. That time we had 14 families in our church and by next month we had another 15 more families or 29 families in total. I thank the Lord for bringing Equip India to us. Our church members now know how to share their faith and in a way that creates even more curiosity about Christianity and is non-threatening. As Christian Persecution Spreads – So Does the Faith!