Uses relationships as bridges to share the Gospel



There is a powerful solution to reaching the least reached peoples on Earth, especially during times of persecution—equipping and teaching the indigenous church to witness to the people closest to them. In South Asia, the social make up is relational. Over 90% of the Christians trace their spiritual roots to either a trusted friend or relative. A key thrust of our evangelical outreach is on witnessing to family and friends. This is where the desire to share and the Christian influence is greatest.

What would you pay for the assurance the people closest to you will spend eternity with you in the presence of our Lord and Savior?  Therefore, we provide each of the members of the churches that we’ve equipped with an “Operation Andrew” card; having instructed them on how to pray for and witness to 10 seekers each around family members, friends, etc. 


Testimony from Pastor John Vincely (attended Madurai Workshop)- “After  taking the training in March 2009, I trained 300+ members of my congregation. 263 men and women in our church came forward to receive the cards and do the Andrew Ministry. Each one wrote 10 names of unsaved immediate family members, relations and friends. We organized prayer everyday around this.  As a result, many persons heard the Gospel for first time and have come to Christ. Our church has grown by several hundred people. We are very grateful to Equip India for enabling this to happen in our ministry.”