Practical, on-the- job training

and MOTIVATION needed to share their faith.

Practical, On the Job Training - 1

Practical, On the Job Training - 2

Evangelism is better caught than taught. Jesus provided His disciples with participatory, on-the-job training (Mark 3:14). On-the-job training provides real-time experience and modelling. It overcomes the hindrances the Church faces in getting the believers to share their faith; such as: lack of motion, priority for evangelism, lack of sense of accountability, fear and lack of knowing how to do it. Equip India provides on-the-job training as an integrate part of the equipping.

better-caught-than-taught-2Testimony from Brother Sindhu Rajan (attended Gorkha District, Nepal Workhop)- “I have heart for evangelism, but I did not know how to share my faith. It is the first time in my life attending such workshop like this. The demonstrations were fantastic, but the active outreach was incredible for all of us participants. We could feel God’s protection and the work of the Holy Spirit during this time. 

We went to a nearby Temple located near our church in a remote mountain village and visited with Devraj Bhatta. Devraj was so religious and devoted to the Hindu god “Shiva” that he spent 22 years of his life as a Priest living at the Temple. He felt no peace!

We shared the “Good News of Jesus Christ” with him.  After several minutes of deep conviction, he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. He immediately said, ‘No one ever told me that Jesus Christ died for me and you told me in simple words! Even a child of 10 years can understand.’ Five days later, Devraj left the Temple of Shiva and went everywhere throughout the villages saying, ‘Stones and wooden idols I worshipped as did my forefathers. Now I know the truth and I am set free!’

Devraj Bhatta’s life was changed that day and so was mine! It gave me the burden to share the Gospel. Now I am sharing this everyday with 3 to 5 people.”