March 16, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Your support deserves to go 100% to our indigenous partners overseas and we will make sure that it does. This is possible because Equip India’s U.S. Management (Operating) Expenses are separately funded by the “1999 Founders Club,” made up of a

committed group of board members, partners and several foundations.

And you will make a greater impact for His Kingdom since many of the costs of operating this ministry in South Asia are 75-90% less than the U.S. Our indigenous partners can conduct one workshop for only $250. Each Witnessing Training Workshop consists of an average of:

  • 39 church members and their pastor trained as life-time witnesses
  • 3 additional pastors from nearby churches trained as workshop teachers
  • 20 professions of faith at each workshop during on-the-job training
  • A reach to 420 unbelievers (10 per each participant)

Equip India has conducted 44 Church-Based Workshops and equipped 2,240 believers as life-time witnesses during the months of January and February 2021. These workshops reported 1,173 professions of faith were made during the on-the-job training sessions alone. We have on file group and class photos, along with statistics taken at these workshops.

In addition, two “Kids for Christ Leader Training

Workshops” were conducted this month in which 64 teachers from Sunday schools throughout the South India States of Tamil Nadu and Kerala were equipped as teacher/trainers. These 64 teachers will train an average of 10 children each or a total of 640 children ages 5-16. The “Kids for Christ’ training has the following key objectives: 1) explain the Gospel clearly to children,

2) bring children to faith in Christ and 3) equip children to share the Gospel with others.

Believe us, when we say that together we can accomplish what we could never do alone. Your gifts to our indigenous partners are deeply appreciated by our staff.