June 11, 2023

Dear Friends,


Children Empowered and Ready to Share Their Faith!

Equip India believes a biblical solution to get the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the millions who are still waiting to be reached is “to equip an army of believers” through our evangelism training workshops. This evangelistic mobilization and empowerment must include the children 16 years or younger who make up 40% of the Church in South Asia and be channelled through the “tens of thousands of local church Sunday schools” which we hold to be God’s agents for building “His Kingdom on earth and making disciples.” This work must also include those children attending Vacation Bible Schools and residing in orphanages and hostels.

Khonsa Town Baptist Church in Northeast India have trained their children in Sunday school to become witnesses for Jesus Christ at a time when they are establishing lifetime habits. The confidence that the teachers had received having attended a “Kids for Christ Leadership Workshop” assured them that this training would take place. The “Kids for Christ” training clearly explain the Gospel to children, brings children to faith in Christ, and equips children to share the Gospel with others.

By training children, they are acting in faith that the Holy Spirit will awaken and spur young hearts into obedience and disciple-making that will last the rest of their lives and for their own future generations. “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not turn from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

Learning Gospel through Crafts

The children were trained to utilize crafts, songs, dramas, hand motions, and other techniques that helped them to learn how to share the Gospel. And due to the flexible Gospel outline, the student’s personality was easily integrated into his presentation. The on-the-job training allowed the kids to master the material and gave them practical experiences in sharing their faith before they completed the instruction.

D L. Moody once said, “If God is your partner, you better have large plans.” Well, God is our partner. We believe God has designed this plan of preparing “GREAT COMMISSION CHURCHES,” manifesting the kind of spiritual maturity that reaches out to others who need a Savior and makes disciples.                 

Besides equipping churches, Equip India is also partnering with and training other mission organizations, such as hostels, orphanages, cross-cultural missionaries, evangelists, church planters, seminaries, Bible schools, and medical staff so that we can enhance the evangelism component of their ministries. Equip India training materials are available in 16 major languages spoken by 90% of the population.

Believe us when we say that together we can accomplish what we could never do alone.