October 6, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Equip India is conducting witness training workshops wherever it is feasible and possible. We have 15, Witnessing without Fear Workshops scheduled for October and look to equip 650 additional, life-time witnesses during that time.

We continue to hear powerful testimonies as to how multitudes of people in the both the cities and villages have accepted the Lord and been added to the Church as a result of this equipping. One such Christian wrote, “My name is Manik Fazal from Ferozpur, Punjab, North India. I attended the workshop at our church on June 4, 2020, and there I learnt how to share the Gospel and witnessing without fear which I never done in my entire life.

Photo right to left (Manik Fazal, Lal Bahadur and George Masih)

My neighbour is a Policeman, Lal Bahadur and we are having good relation, so I just thought to share the Gospel with him, but I was hesitating to share with him because of political problem in India., I took Pastor George Masih with me and we shared and I was the one who is taking initiative and pastor was backing me up and he was the great support at that time. Lal Bahadur was quiet and listened what we shared and finally he accepted the Christ and promised that he would come to church and follow Christ.

His life is totally changed and now he is telling other policemen and his staff about Christ and we gave one Bible to him. Many thanks to God for the great work he has done and thanks to Equip India for this training.”

This work is challenging. Equip India has to be specific, measurable, and intentional in its approach. Here’s why: Eighty-eight percent of South Asia has never heard the Gospel. Our target area includes 46% of the world’s 6,741 unreached people groups. Census data estimates that 40% or 700 million of these people are 16 years of age or younger.

Your gifts to this ministry are deeply appreciated by our staff. We want to thank you for having helped equip and empower “thousands of churches” and giving “tens of thousands of people” the way to know The Truth and receive eternal life. It’s as the Lord said in Matthew 9:37b: “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few.”  Believe us, when we say that you  make a huge difference in our ability to empower others to witness for Christ.