February 15, 2022

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your generous support of Equip India. Because of your generosity, we raised our entire 2021 budget and have raised about 25% of our 2022 Budget! We praise Him for placing you in our lives and ask Him to keep His hand upon you.

I am fond of a story about the Taj Mahal which Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built as a mausoleum for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, who died in childbirth. One day, while building the magnificent Taj Mahal, the Emperor asked 3 men building a wall what they were doing. The first answered: “I am cutting a stone.” The second said, “I am earning two meals a day.” The third man stood up tall and proud. He answered, “I am helping to build Queen Mumtaz’s tomb to the glory of God.” This third man understood that his contribution, though small, had purpose and was essential to the outcome.

I share this story because I want you to know your contribution of any size to Equip India has purpose, too. We are not building something so obviously magnificent as one of the “seven wonders of the world,” but I believe what we are building is much more magnificent. Our bold mission at Equip India is “to glorify God by preparing every church to be a ‘Great Commission Church’ equipped to provide sound Bible teaching and preaching, discipleship of believers, and preparation of every age group for personal witnessing.” Equip India’s heart is to see every church not only concerned with salvation, but the spiritual growth and sanctification of the believers.

Since the beginning, Equip India’s model (structure, training, and materials) has been evolving and changing. We feel that these adaptations and changes have enabled us to reach even more people for Christ, in a shorter time; than we have in our past 22 years. The impact of this ministry has grown in giant strides. We have been able to multiply kingdom impact by recruiting pastors and gifted teachers to attend “New Life in Christ Discipleship Seminars” where they are prepared as teacher-trainers helping Christians form the BASIC HABITS necessary for THEIR CHRISTIAN LIFE like daily Bible reading, prayer, and Scripture memorization.

This multiplying effect allows the Gospel to go to un-reached people of South Asia. And because 100% of our U.S. Operating Expenses are pre-funded separately, we wire 100% of every donation to our partners in South Asia where the costs of operating ministry are 75% to 90% less. Our cost structure remains low, and our efficiency is high! Our local church partners in India have taken ownership and are bearing much of the cost of this equipping; particularly costs associated with the training sessions (food, lodging, travel, etc.). However, the young, economically weak South Asian churches can’t do it alone. Covid-19 and the actual cost-of-living prohibits individuals and churches from having events themselves. However, our cost of conducting one Church-Based Workshop for 40 people is only $250 (one-week salary for 10 church members who earn less than $4 a day).

When everyone is struggling and desperately in need of a positive message of hope, we can help! BUT we need help to get to our goal. We need YOUR help! Let’s finish strong, together.

“Thank You” for your faithfulness, generous support, and prayers towards this work. By supporting us, you are part of building something magnificent for the glory of God—and that something is not Equip India, but a vibrant and credible evangelical witness to the world.