December 2, 2022

Dear Friends,

We trust you had a great and awesome Thanksgiving celebration. Considering the challenges we faced, it is very exciting how the Lord has answered our prayers, expanded our work, and put this ministry together, especially the operational structure, training curriculum, and low cost (both initial and future operating cost) at which He did it. Even more touching is the encouragement and support of our working partners in South Asia, along with the unwavering love, support, and involvement of our partners in the States.

Our ministry work began 23 years ago in South Asia. Since its beginning, the ministry model (structure, training, and materials) has evolved and changed. We feel that these adaptations and changes have enabled us to reach even more people for Christ, in a shorter period, than we have in the past through our many partnerships with evangelicals, local churches, church denominations, mission organizations, hostels, orphanages, seminaries, Bible schools, and medical staff. “For example, we have been able to multiply kingdom impact by 1) empowering  children from Sunday schools, orphanages, and hostels to become witnesses for Jesus Christ through our ‘Kids for Christ’ training, 2) training district-wide teachers who will equip multiple churches in their region for personal witnessing and discipleship and 3) equipping Christian television and radio networks so that they will have a witness training and discipleship component to their ministries.”

Here are three amazing testimonies that bear witness to the effectiveness of this equipping, such as the testimony from Pastor Moses Johnson from Immanuel Fellowship in Kottayam who wrote, “We have a kid’s ministry called ‘Great Commission Ministry.’ We conduct more than 300 Vacation Bible Schools in the State of Kerela every year. I found the ‘Kids for Christ’ training effective, simple, and a very powerful tool for preparing the kids to witness Christ. We will use this training to prepare all the kids in our Vacation Bible Schools to be His witnesses.”

Here is an email we received from one of our senior staff members. “Two months ago, I was in Tamil Nadu for 10 days conducting four, Teacher Training Workshops. Altogether we equipped 91 leaders as teachers to train local churches. Each one promised to take this training to 5 churches in their locality. The most encouraging thing is that since the training, we have received several completion reports from them. If they keep the same momentum, I am sure they will hit their target of training 450 local churches in that state to share their faith.”

Pastor P. Chelladurai from Tamil Nadu recently wrote, “By the grace of God, I’ve been given the opportunity to teach evangelism on a channel called ‘Kumbakonan Good News TV’ and encouraging them to share their faith with their friends and relatives using Equip India training.”

The world never would have chosen our Asian staff workers. They are humble and totally reliant upon the Lord in even what we call “little things.” They are constantly thanking the Lord and giving Him the glory for what happens in their lives. It’s a very, deep dependency. It is something that moves me to a deeper commitment to stand beside them at all costs!

We are very touched by the staff’s dedication to the work, enthusiasm over the equipping, and their hurting hearts for the masses of “the lost” that are perishing all around them. They keep asking the Lord for more labors to proclaim the “Good News of Jesus Christ’s atoning death and resurrection.”

We do not believe that you should give to any work unless you know two things about it: 1) what it is doing, and 2) is it getting out the Word of God in a way that is effectual in hearts and lives. Our strategies are based on sound Biblical principles and are set forth in obedience to God! Countless baptisms are being reported to us by churches as a direct result of this equipping. People who were unable to share their faith due to fear are now proclaiming the Gospel boldly!

Our sincerest desire is that you financially support this work and Partner with us in this South Asia harvest. PLEASE CONSIDER GIVING A YEAR-END GIFT!We know that a difficult economy hasn’t changed your heart for the lost any more than it has changed our call to reach them!

We appreciate all that you do for Him! We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.