Evangelism that prioritizes the least reached

Together we can equip the indigenous Christians to reach least reached, least resourced peoples on Earth.  


Obedience among Christians to “The Great Commission” is an urgent need–especially in underdeveloped countries of the world where the gospel of Jesus Christ has not been known. Unfortunately, the people that have the least opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ have relatively few missionaries and few resources dedicated to them. Thus, it is urgent to prioritize these unreached people which have little or no chance to hear the life-giving truth about Jesus Christ. Equip India encourages and teaches South Asia churches to readjust their Great Commission priorities. Every church can play a role and make an eternal difference by identifying and helping reach the 60% of the world’s 5,627 unreached people groups that reside in South Asia.

Equip India is an international ministry that trains and equips whole church congregations to effectively share  a simple and clear, three-minute, conversational gospel presentation. The training materials are designed in such a way the believers can master a short, gospel presentation outline and become proficient in the method of sharing it with others, if they devote three hours to it. The objective is for witnessing to become a life style for every believer and a regular activity in the church.

from-graveyard-to-vineyard-2 The state of Bihar in Northern India had been known as the “graveyard of missionaries.” It is both the place where Buddha obtained “enlightenment” (Bodhimandala) and a stronghold of Hinduism. For many years, we and other, missionaries have worked there with no visible results. The leaders in the area told the people if they believed in Jesus of Nazareth, they would not receive their monthly subsidy from the Indian government. Recently, there has been a phenomenal movement of the “Holy Spirit”, transforming Bihar from a “graveyard to vineyard.” Join us in celebrating Yusdas’ testimony! 

“My name is Yesudas Manoharan and I am a cross cultural missionary from Tamil Nadu, South India, working in a place called Munger in Bihar.  I organized, an Equip India, Witnessing Without Fear Workshop (WWF) in my small church in November of 2011 where experienced EI teachers from Tamil Nadu conducted a workshop.  While the group was out on active outreach, one team shared the Gospel with one Rajesh Krumar, known as a small gang leader and a bad character.  When the teams returned to share their reports and their experiences, Rajesh Kumar walked into the church with a group of eight to ten people.  I was alarmed for the safety of our people. .  Rajesh Kumar came to me and asked me to arrange for the leaders to share the Gospel with his gang members. It was a great relief and joy to have them hear the Good News and pray to receive Jesus as their Lord and saviour.  They have been coming to the church regularly. 

Rajesh Kumar has been sharing his testimony and the Gospel with many people in the area, and has become a member of the leadership team in the church.  He is helping the pastor conduct services and meetings at five branch churches now.  I am grateful to God for the WWF training conducted by the team from Equip India which turned out to be a great blessing to us.  Our church has grown as a result in three years from 75 members in 2011, to a large church with 300 members and five branch churches in and around Munger.  I have also offered my services to be trained as a workshop teacher to equip believers in many more churches in this state of Bihar. I want to equip all the believers in the main and branch churches to become effective witnesses.  Praise the Lord for this wonderful ministry.”