Foundation Seminars

This Bible teaching method prepares pastors and gifted Bible teachers from local churches, seminaries and Bible schools on how to provide sound Bible teaching. The target areas are the 600,000+ villages and remote cities in India and its surrounding nations that ordinarily would not be exposed to missionary activity or Bible teaching.This training takes place through intensive, five-day,Foundations Seminars scheduled throughout the year.

At the Foundations Seminars, they learn:
• How to use the Foundations, study book in a group/personal Bible study and
• How to use the Foundations, study book as a resource for pulpit ministry


Foundations, a 306 page study book, is the primary book in this training program. Using basic theological concepts, the goal of this manual and its accompanying workbook is to educate Christians in the fundamentals of the faith and to give them the tools to study and interpret the Word of God.

Download Foundations with Study Guide- English