“Kids for Christ” Workshops

recentstory07201701The Kids for Christ training begins with “Kids Leadership Training Workshops;” where adults from Sunday schools, hostels, orphanages and VBS schools are equipped as teacher/trainers. Many of these teacher/trainers will return to their nearby local church, hostel or orphanage and prepare their children ages 5-16 to become effective witnesses. The older children (ages 14-16) will act as team leaders in helping to prepare the younger children.

The Kids for Christ children’s curriculum has three key objectives:


1) CLARIFY the Gospel for children at a time in their lives when they are asking questions about what faith in Jesus means,
2) WIN children to saving faith in Jesus at a time when they’re most receptive to receiving Him as Saviour and
3) TRAIN children to become witnesses for Jesus Christ at a time when they are establishing habits for a lifetime.

Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” By training children, we are acting in faith that the Holy Spirit will awaken and spur young hearts into obedience and disciple-making that will last the rest of their lives and for their own future generations.

The children’s “Kids for Christ” curriculum use all of kids learning styles. The curriculum includes fun-filled, interactive learning experiences for kids. The methods include hand motions, dramas, crafts, songs and other techniques that help kids learn how to share the Gospel in a clear and direct manner. The equipping includes practical, on-the-job training and take-home items, which enables children to GAIN the CONFIDENCE and MOTIVATION needed to share their faith.

recentstory07201702Kids for Christ teaches the basic truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in ways that deepen children’s understanding of grace, redemption and faith. “Saving faith” is defined, so that children know what it means for them personally and how to talk to others about it.

Most of these children attend secular schools, and the children living in hostels periodically visit their non-Christian families. What a mission field these kids have been placed in! Relational is where the desire to share is greatest!