Witnessing without Fear Workshops

“Soul Winning One-to-One” is a three minute Gospel Presentation” that is presently being taught in 41 nations. It is easy to memorized by the literate or illiterate, without study or homework. The learning is accelerated and retention is enhanced through the use of interactive-learning techniques, including hand motions. The believers (adults, youth and kids) are trained in their own language and in a classroom atmosphere that addresses their social and cultural diversity.

This “Witnessing without Fear” training takes place through “Leadership Training Workshops,” “Church-Based Workshops” and “Teacher Training Workshops” held throughout South Asia.


1. Leadership Training Workshops (LTW)

These two-day workshops are conducted for the purpose of equipping pastors and key lay leaders from 5 to 10 nearby churches in how to conduct or assist a trained teacher in conducting a Church-Based Workshop (CBW) in their church.

witnessing-without-fear-workshopsOn Day 1, these pastors and key lay leaders from nearby churches attend a model, CBW; where in addition to learning to share the Gospel Presentation,” along with members from the host church congregation, they are observing and learning from the teacher the methods to follow at CBWs.  They are encouraged and challenged to organize CBWs at their churches.

On Day 2, this session is exclusively for the invited leaders who have participated in the Church-Based Training session conducted on Day 1.  The aim is to make the pastors and leaders aware of the importance, the need and the urgency of equipping the members in their churches to share their faith with others in an effective manner. They are encouraged to master the Gospel Presentation Outlineand are taught the use of the Operation Andrew Card.”  

They are guided through the Leadership Workshop Teacher’s Manual;” where the entire training process is explained. This manual contains the Scripture references, explanation of the techniques used and illustrations to enable them to be effective teachers at CBWs.  Materials on implementation and follow up on completion of CBWs are included in the training manual. The trainees are also briefed on the process of organizing, conducting the workshops effectively and also on sending the required reports on the proper formats to the state/area coordinators and the national office.  Those who successfully complete the training are given a “Completion Certificate.”

The senior staff Partners closely monitor the work done by these leaders trained at the LTW.  They are available to provide help and support wherever needed.  The pastors and lay leaders who prove to be successful and effective teachers and organizers of CBW are encouraged to train other churches in their locality.  They receive further training as they teach alongside experienced, staff partners.  They eventually are certified as CBW teachers, authorized to work independently and train other churches.


2. Church-Based Workshops (CBW)

Prayer-LetterThey are conducted in a local church; where the pastor is interested in equipping his believers to become effective witnesses for the Lord. If the pastor himself is trained at a LTW, he can conduct the training. If the pastor needs help, another experienced CBW teacher can assist the pastor to teach at the CBW.

The Operation Andrew Card, as a tool for personal witnessing developed by the “Billy Graham Evangelistic Association,” is introduced at the training. A key thrust of our evangelistic outreach is on witnessing to family and friends. This is where the desire to share and the Christian influence is greatest.

Each church member is given an Operation Andrew Card,” where they prayerfully list the names of ten individuals around their family members, children, co-workers, school mates and others who do not yet have a relationship with Christ. By asking for their prayer needs, they are building personal relationships and looking for an opportunity to share their faith with them in an efficient and effective manner as they master the Gospel presentation outline.

The teaching and practice sessions are followed by an hour-long, “Active Outreach;” where they go out in teams of two or three to witness to others.  During “Active Outreach,” when they realize that the Lord can use them to share the Gospel with others, the believers get really excited.

The CBW is not be considered as a onetime affair, but this training needs to be repeated often in the church to encourage the believers to continue to witness to their friends, neighbours and others who they may come in contact with.  Witnessing has to become a life style for the believers and a regular activity in the church; alongside worship, fellowship and all other regular activities.

The CBW teacher must ensure that a follow-up report on the proper format be sent to the state coordinator and the national office as soon as the workshop is over.

Also, to help visually illustrate the Gospel Presentation, we have culturally-created two Gospel tracts entitled What must I do? and purchase prozac The Perfect Sacrifice!. The Gospel is presented in the same outline and format that those equipped have memorized.


3. Teacher Training Workshops (TTW)

witnessing-without-fear-workshops-2Teacher Training workshops are conducted in selected locations where selected leaders from that area are further equipped as workshop teachers to conduct training programs in various churches in their area.  Shifting from just training individual churches to also training district-wide teachers, who will equip multiple churches in their region, has increased the ministries reach.

Teacher applicants must have attended a CBW, LTW and taken a keen interest in training their own church to become a witnessing church.  They also should have helped Equip India’s staff partners in conducting workshops in churches.  The invitation to TTW is on the basis of recommendation from Equip India’s staff partners.  They will become a great asset to Equip India in taking the ministry to a large number of churches. Those who become eligible receive a “Completion Certificate” and are certified as Workshop Teachers.