Prepares every age group for personal witnessing

Multiplying Kingdom Impact by empowering CHILDREN and the ILLITERATE  to witness utilizing VISUAL HAND MOTIONS.


Having attended a nearby Witnessing without Fear Workshop, Pastor Paulson, the pastor of this church congregation pictured above is equipping his whole church to share the Gospel. This simple and effective Gospel presentation was easily memorized by every member of his church, including the children and illiterate. The learning was accelerated and retention was enhanced through the use of hand motions. Since 75% of the population in South Asia are children ages 8 to 14 or functionally illiterate, Equip India has greatly broadened and expanded it ministry reach.

Equip India is helping to win children to saving faith in Jesus at a time when they’re most receptive to receiving Him as Saviour. It is also training children to become witnesses for Jesus Christ at a time when they are establishing habits for a lifetime. “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” (Proverbs 22:6). “We must reach tomorrow’s leaders Today!!!” 

Pastor Paulson Stephen from Kochi, Kerala, India- “I thank God for the ministry of Equip India which enabled me to train all my church members including the young children and those who are illiterate for the “Great Commission”. I am in the church ministry since 15 years. I never saw such an effective tool for the winning souls in different age groups and from various religious back grounds. 

In my experience I find this method very power full for the church growth. Within three years (2011 -2013) we have 52 people added in our local church. During this period all the believers in my local church were trained to effectively witness, using the WwF method and materials and we are expecting more results in this year.